I am the living example of HOW “Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Results!” S. Doss

BEWARE: IN MOST INSTANCES, your adversary expects you to wear down under the stresses and strains of “perceived” pressure. Why? Because most crumble before fighting. Often we approach changing our views on certain subjects as an insurmountable task, or we just do not want to deal with the reality of learning that we have been wrong about something for most of our lives; cognitive dissonance!



Non-Attorney Pro Se Consulting

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Pro Se (Propria Persona) Consulting For:

Child Support

Sometimes the difficulty of meeting a financial child support obligations as well as other factors that arise from a parenting conflict can be overwhelming. Most often, these difficulties can be overcome with the proper approach and a mentor who has been through the process. We have experience and testimonials from people who have been through it and have positive results.

courtroom ETIQUETTE

Proper Courtroom Etiquette is essential for having success in the courtroom, especially as a Pro Se. Therefore, having a good idea of protocol is valuable as there are many stated, and unstated, rules that govern behavior and become useful tools for your court experience. GD can definitely share courtroom experiences and the thought processes related to those experiences.


Traffic tickets and traffic related cases are a broad subject area ranging from something as simple as a minor violation to something major that could result in a much harsher consequence if found guilty. We have plenty of experience with simple traffic issues and have compiled useful information to help in this area.


Of the more than 1.3 million licensed lawyers in the United States, some are extremely good in their chosen fields; some are not. Therefore, whether you are dealing with being wrongly accused of a crime, a traffic ticket, child support, or a divorce, you want to feel comfortable with yours. We offer some tips and suggestions (NOT ADVICE) to aid you with “watching” your attorney. Remember, he or she is the attorney, but it’s YOUR case.


Sometimes people find themselves struggling to pay their mortgage and find themselves facing a pending foreclosure. Having the proper attorney can help overcome the unsettling fear that facing foreclosure brings. If you cannot afford a good lawyer and you feel you need some from someone familiar with foreclosure proceedings, contact GD.

general non-complex matters

We can assist with a variety of simple matters, to include: response letters for creditors, document analysis, non-attorney document preparation and other services. If you have a situation and you either can not afford to hire an attorney (which is what we recommend) or go about it yourself, contact us.

Contact GD NAPSC:

Use the form below to contact us regarding your inquiry about our services. Please be as detailed as possible. Include your questions along with any request for documents. So that we may better serve you, we recommend that you first describe the issues you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve. Give us a call and/or email so we can examine where you are before you make any purchases and if you have any further questions related to our services.

*Of course, if your situation is dire or you are looking to get started immediately, you may always email or call us to make an appointment for a consultation.

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